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Essential Skincare For Men – TR Skin

As managing director of MANKiND, one of the East Coast’s premier men’s grooming, skincare and massage TR Skin clinics, Paul Anderson knows how to take care of himself. Having spent the last eleven years in the business, he knows what works (and what doesn’t) to produce the results that his clients crave. Here are his tips on essential skincare for men.

The Morning Routine

Paul starts each day with his morning routine. First up is a cleanse with MANKiND Everyday Face Wash, a gentle and foaming facewash perfect for his normal-to-oily skin type. He shaves with MANKiND Smooth Shave Cream, before applying a Vitamin B Serum and Vitamin C Serum from Aspect. The Vitamin B helps to regulate the oil flow in his T-Zone, the Vitamin C helps prevents premature ageing of his skin by blocking free radicals like sun damage and pollution, and both help to strengthen his skin.

The final step of the morning routine is moisturising with Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 50, chosen for being lightweight, non-greasy and not leaving a white sheen on the face. And having a sun protection factor (SPF), it protects Paul from the sun. 

In fact, Paul’s strongest recommendation for skincare is sun protection. Skin cancer is rife in Australia, and makes up 80% of all newly discovered cancer down under. Looking after your skin will literally keep you alive, and that makes it your highest grooming priority

Plus, sun damage is a key factor in ageing’s effects on the skin, causing skin pigmentation and dehydration, lines and wrinkles. To combat it, use a good moisturiser with SPF that isn’t greasy and doesn’t create skin congestion, and use it daily.

Before Bed

But skincare once a day isn’t enough for healthy skin – a night routine is essential to counter the effects of the day and help cells rejuvenate overnight. A cleanse begins Paul’s routine, using Purastat 5 Aspect, followed by the lactic exfoliant Exfol L Aspect, both being more active products to help rid the day’s grime.

Vitamin A from Aspect then follows. A wonder serum, Vitamin A is an anti-ageing agent and great at managing acne and eczema. It must be used at night, though, as your skin will be sensitive to the sun’s rays after its use. And to finish, he uses the lightweight moisturiser MANKiND Essential Moisture, and an eyecream by Eye Doctor Results RX.

If you think this sounds like too much effort, you’ll thank yourself when you hit 45 and your skin isn’t red, potch-marked and pigmented. Trust us on this, and the experts themselves at MANKiND. You can read more about their specialised grooming, massage and body treatments here

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