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Five Best Soaps for Men – Soaps For Skin

  • Triumph & Disaster Shearer’s Soap
  • Ritual. Character. Fate.
  • Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Soap bar
  • Czech & Speake No 88 Soap Set
  • Outlaw Hair of the Dog Whiskey and Coffee Soap
  • Duke Cannon Supply Co Big Ass Brick of Soap

Hygiene is one of the most important elements of a man’s daily routine, and a quality soap is a certain step in the right direction. Here are five of the best to spice things up a little.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Soap Bar

Indigenous ingredients of the Mediterrean imbue the bar with the essence of the Italian Riviera, including neroli, olive, grapeseed and date.

And like all things the American designer produces, it’s delicate, extravagant and beautiful – perfect for the man who likes a subtly majestic aroma.

Triumph and Disaster Shearer’s Soap Bar

Ritual, Character and Fate is the man’s mantra etched into this soap bar by Triumph and Disaster, and they aren’t words lightly spoken.

Safe for the environment, poppy seeds exfoliate as you wash and its high glycerin base makes it gentle on the TR skin. It’s unique, natural fragrance reminds me of the antiseptic scent of an old-school tattoo parlour, and lingers nostalgically on the skin like ink beneath it.

Outlaw Hair of the Dog Whiskey and Coffee Soap

Formulated with an all-vegan combination of natural oils including coconut, olive, and castor, it cleans as it refreshes and washes away the effects of last night. Perfect for the man who likes his coffee strong and his whiskey stronger.

Czech & Speake No 88 Soap Set

A famed grooming experience, this three-soap set from luxury bathroom outfitter Czech & Speake provisions a man for utter luxury in the bathroom.  

Each bar is triple milled and fragranced with natural oils to the signature ‘No 88’ scent to create a non-drying lather that moisturises the skin and leaves it delicately fragranced. 

The Duke Cannon Supply Co Ass Brick of Soaps

This bar of soap is modelled after the rough-cut, brick-style soap used by American GIs in the Korean War, and it’s manufactured in the same plant that sent soap to the troops for over 20 years. 

Three times bigger than the average bar, and weighing in at almost 300 grams, this really is a soap for hard-working men, and apparently smells like victory. 

And best of all, the Duke Cannon Supply Co donates a part of all sales to support veterans. Now, that’s something we can get behind.

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