Your perspective can be your power or your prison, you choose Lifestyle

Reminder to fill your life with the people you always leave you feeling energized, inspired, and supported. You deserve the happiest healthiest friendships.

A reminder to get out of your head today (and everyday) because everyone’s way more concerned about themselves than they are of you

Complete with yourself and you will see how you beat everyone else

Listen up

If you put in a crazy work consistently whether you feel like it or not

You already doing better than most of people

An average guy wouldn’t dare to do something that he doesn’t want to do at the moment

Even if it’s a must !!!!

In order to achieve what he wants

He has to be in a continuous state of pleasure

Because he is too weak to get out of it for some time to be great permanently

Sometimes I don’t feel like doing my workout

Sometimes I don’t feel like tracking my macros

But then I think I have to be better than most of people that would never do it

Of course you’re not going to do it

Because you are not me

You choose doing things that are irrelevant that won’t improve your life

But only will wage your time and give you some short term pleasure

That’s what I think when I feel weak

And that’s what gives me a huge power

It’s easy to compete with average people

Not easy to compete with yourself if you are obsessed

If you are so scared of being mediocre

That it’s not an option for you

1# Real Example In Life story

This life is 100% yours to experience, regardless of how anyone else is doing it. I don’t care if someone’s done it first, done it better, or had it easier, that doesn’t take away from your opportunity to DO IT TOO🤍✨

Comparison can be one of the biggest barriers to doing anything when we let it be discouraging instead of inspiring. Today on my gym we broke down the “7 Biggest Mental Barriers to a Healthy Lifestyle” so that comparison, perfectionism, and more don’t get to stop you ever again😛 The episode is out now on Spotify and Apple!

2# Real Example In Life story

These were all amazing places but I’ve gotta say Madrid in the morning TOPPED my list There’s always a difference between running in a place where you’re just making it work and running somewhere that feels MADE for it and Madrid was it I’ve gotten a bunch of questions for how I find safe routes so I’ll share my tips below!:

  1. During my first day walking around a city I’ll look out for places that look pretty and safe to run🏃🏼‍♀️
  2. Check apps like Strava and AllTrails for routes other people have already mapped out
  3. Use the app Footpath to map out your route, you can draw a path on roads and it will tell you how far it is, then you can follow the map so you don’t get lost!
  4. Always tell someone where you’re going, have your location on and a fully charged phone!

3# Real Example In Life story

Your sign to prep a bright breakfast to have on hand this week

Here’s the recipe for 1 serving (but you should probably make more than 1😉)

1 cup of almond or oat milk blended with 1/4 cup frozen raspberries
3/4 cup rolled oats
1tbs flax seeds
1tbs chia seeds

Stir together and let sit for at least 3 hours, then top with fresh berries, nuts, nut butter, coconut or honey!

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